24/7 service

Wherever the installation and/or maintenance of refractory systems demands specialised attention, Gouda Refractories Nordic' professionals are ready to provide the required expertise, reliability and quality. We do this 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To deal with a problem, a project, a one-day job or planned maintenance based on a multi-year contract, our nationwide field service network ensures short lines of communication and a fast response.

Working together on solutions

Our specialists build, rebuild and maintain all kinds of refractory systems, whether it's a waste incineration plant, an oil cracking plant, a gasification plant or a furnace. Our expertise and attention are primarily focused on three industry groups: Non-Ferrous, Petrochemical and Environment & Energy. However, decades of experience have broadened our capabilities to any industrial segment in which refractory linings are used. As well as installation work, Gouda Refractories Nordic delivers added value by working together with customers on tailor-made solutions. Where the nature and scale of such projects make it necessary to do so, we work together on a project basis with third parties, for example to provide specialised engineering support. Our long-term relationships mean we know what customers need and we are familiar with their installations.



For Gouda Refractories Nordic, providing maintenance services means we are always on stand-by. This can be in accordance with a predefined schedule in case of structural process stops or planned preventive maintenance. As well as that, our strength is in corrective maintenance on a call-out basis. All work is carried out in accordance with detailed agreements. Our services can extend from opening a manhole for an inspection, if required followed by repair, right up to the complete replacement of a refractory lining.


In-house knowledge source

Refractory materials are already subjected to a wide range of stringent demands, but combining these with customers' other operational requirements - for example in relation to wear resistance - often calls for technical compromises. Gouda Refractories Nordic' in-house laboratory serves as a source of advanced knowledge to our technologists in thinking of and developing effective tailor-made solutions.



Our customers can count on one hundred per cent attention to working safety. All practices are in accordance with the highest applicable standards, including the VCA (Safety Checklist for Contractors) requirements for the petrochemical industry. Gouda Refractories Nordic' strictly trained professionals earn this confidence through our exceptionally low scores in accident statistics.



The organisational and physical proximity of other operating companies within the Refractories division enables Gouda Refractories Nordic to gain significant synergy benefits from the partnerships with associated companies such as Gouda Refractories. In each project, Gouda Refractories Nordic acts as the noticeable recognisable main contractor and is always directly accessible to the customer.